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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How is sales tax calculated on my order?

Answer: We only charge GST which is 5% of the total selling price of each individual item, after any applicable discount.


Question: If I process an order, is it final sale?

Answer: Yes - the subject of all sold items are final and are sold "as is". We will not accept returns, refund or exchange request in regard to the used products that were purchased.


Question: How many locations do you have?

Answer: We currently have 1 Clearance Store location in Edmonton, Alberta - Canada

Question: Do you offer shipping or delivery options?

Answer: Yes, we offer delivery options within the Greater Edmonton Area. We also offer shipping options outside Edmonton.

Question: Do you ship orders outside of Canada?

Answer: No


Question: Do you rent out any of your equipment?

Answer: No, The Clearance Store sells used and retired event equipment. However, we have 4 rental locations in Alberta and 1 in Regina, Saskatchewan. Please refer to Special Event Rentals for more details.


Question: Who can I contact if I have more questions?

​Answer: For other inquiries, please feel free to check out our Terms of Service or call us at 780-669-4069 (Canada Only).


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