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3 Reasons why your Events need a Tent

Updated: Aug 27, 2018

I have seen the struggle countless times. An outdoor event sounds good but you are not sure if the weather will be a pain. An indoor event, on the other hand, is either too expensive or too hard to find. You can also go basic and rent a church, banquet hall or a community center.

Throughout the years, #TentEvent has become very popular for just how convenient it is compared to other alternatives.

Here are 3 reasons why your Events need a Tent:

1. Enjoy the scenery without worrying about the weather

There are a lot of beautiful open space spots you can rent that offers a stunning scenery. They also offer a bigger space where you can set up your dancefloor, bar and dressing rooms. But the biggest challenge with outdoor weddings is when the weather forecast is just not friendly. When you have a tent you can both enjoy the location and not worry about the weather.

2. Camera friendly

I was hired a few months ago to video graph a wedding at a community center. Though the wedding was amazing - both the photographer and I had a hard time to find great spots and angles to take amazing shots. The colors were so bland that I had to get creative. In a tent, your photographer can get really creative with their shots. Speaking of creative...

3. Get creative with your decorations

If you choose a location with a great scenery - decorating is not so much of a difficulty but you still need to get creative to complete the look of your event. Most people choose a rustic theme with lots of browns, champagne, and white. You can also consider a garden theme with lots of greeneries and farm style furniture. Whatever you choose, it will be much easier than redecorating a neutral colored banquet hall.


Photo Credits

Photography: Kristin Zabos Photography | Event Design: Elyse Colman

Venue: Birchwood Meadows | Tent & Rentals: Special Event Rentals


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