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Condition Tier - How do we categorize item conditions?

On each item you browse through our website, you will notice a Condition Tier under each of the item descriptions. It's something like this:

Since each item may vary, these tiers will tell the general condition of each item in bulk. But what do these conditions mean exactly? Let me explain:


Tier 1 - Brand New

Items under Tier 1 are technically brand new items. They may have indications that they have been moved or transported but was never used.

But why would we sell brand new items? Good question. Some of them were incorrectly shipped and was never accepted back by the manufacturer. Some were never rented out. And some were sent samples by our suppliers.

Tier 2 - Rental Inventory

Items under Tier 2 are items used but are still in great shape and condition. These are basically items in our rental inventory we want to sell out to make way for the new. Imagine the items rented for a special event such as weddings and big corporate events - that is what these items' conditions will be.

Tier 3 - Not Rentable but Still Acceptable

#SpecialEventRentals are serious about their items. So much so, that even when items are still in great condition - when their appearance is not acceptable for big special events, they will sell those items off. And that is what Tier 3 is.

Maybe white items are getting a little yellow or few scratches and dents. Tents with a few pinholes or vinyl cracking. They are still operational and are still acceptable for small to medium size events.

Tier 4 - Visible Imperfections, Still Good for Operations

When you see Tier 4, you must make sure you check all the details of the items. They will do their job, but their exterior may not be visually pleasing. They will present bigger scratches, cuts or dents. And they may require a lot of TLC.

Tables with big scratches and has to be covered, electronics that still work but are not visually good, tents with a lot of pinholes, or tablecloths with stains on the edges.

Tier 5 - Sold as Is, Purchase at your own Risk

You probably have an idea where this is going. Tier 5 items are the worst visually but they still function the way you need to. Electronics will still work, tables will still stand, and chairs will still carry weight - but they will have a lot and huge imperfections with them.

Literal plywood plank tables. Tablecloths with rips, burns, and stains. Tents with huge holes. You name it. When you buy a Tier 5 item - it will be a big risk at a cheaper price.

My point is - check the conditions of the items before you decide if they are the right equipment for your event to purchase.


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