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Metal heart shaped card holder.

These can be used for any event or even just to spice up a dinner at home with the family. You can use them for not just labelling place settings but gift baskets or presents.



Classic heart Place card = 1.25" Wide x 0.75" Tall


Heart in Heart Place card = 1.25" L x 1.25" W x 1.5" H


Condition= Tier 2

These items are still part of Special Event Rentals' current rental inventory. This means the quality of these items are the same conditions you should expect when you are renting event equipment (and Special Event Rentals has a high standard for their items).

The exterior of the items will include scratches and small dents from being moved and transported. 


For more information about Condition , CLICK HERE.

Heart Shaped Place Card Holder

SKU: 1125-0270

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