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Product Conditions

Here in The Clearance Store, we want to provide as much information as we can regarding the condition of the items you are interested in. The tier conditions below will help you to better understand the category of condition the items are in. The lower the tier is, the better the condition will be.


We will provide as much information as we can for individual items - however, most conditions may be based on the collective and not per individual items. They may also be estimates only which prioritizes the most noticeable and the imperfections that may affect the way you use the item. You are still responsible for asking questions, photos, and other details before you pay for your order. You are also responsible for testing and checking the items for any damages that are not satisfactory to you or the person/entity you represent. Any damages that are unsatisfactory to you that you report either after you pay or after you pick up will not be subject for a refund, exchange, and return. For more information please refer to our Terms of Service.


Tier 1

Items under this tier are technically brand new. They have never been used and are still in great shape. They may have scratches and dents from being merchandised, moved or transported. Functionality and electronics are in great shape.


Tier 2

These items are still part of Special Event Rentals' current rental inventory. This means the quality of these items are the same conditions you should expect when you are renting event equipment (and Special Event Rentals has a high standard for their items). Linens such as tablecloths should be stain-free with only a few imperfections. The exterior of the items will include scratches and small dents from being moved and transported. Functionality and electronics are in great shape. 


Tier 3

Great items with a few imperfections that are a little too rough to rent out. These imperfections may include a few scratches and dents. Functionality and electronics will still be working. These items may either be years too old or too rough to rent out. Tier 3 items are great for events that do not need great item appearance but needs functionality. Basically, it's a little too rough for big weddings but not too rough for outdoor events.


Tier 4

These items will have rough exterior conditions. Functionality and electronics will still be working but not in top shape. Imperfections may include numbers of scratches, dents, cuts and/or holes. Looks may fool you as they are still great at doing their job but the exterior may turn you off. Basically, if you need a cheaper alternative for one event, these items will be perfect for you.


Tier 5

These are products are sold "as is" and "with all faults" basis. Exterior conditions will vary from big, noticeable imperfections to dents and markings. Electronics and functionality are also not guaranteed even if they work during tests. Buy at your own risk.




Terms for All Products: 

You acknowledge that ALL products described above are sold on an "as is" and "with all faults" basis. We will not accept returns, refunds or exchange request in regards to the used products that were purchased.


We as the seller make NO expressed warranties of MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE and we do NOT make any implied warranties of MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE or any other warranties unless we have so provided in writing is signed by our AUTHORIZED REPRESENTATIVE.


You hereby acknowledge that you have read all the above terms and conditions of sales and that you understand that this is an "as is" sale of used goods.


For more information please refer to our Terms of Service.

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