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Where to sell off your party equipment when your event is done?

"What should I do with all this stuff?" is what I always hear after an event. You bought all of that equipment but you have no storage to keep them. Especially if that event is a one-time deal or maybe you would want different decorations the next time you plan.

You can sell your #usedeventequipment off to someone in need but where are you going to start? You probably have a go-to place or site but why not expand your knowledge?

Lucky for you, I am willing to share what I know (you probably know it already, but oh well). Here are 3 web places you can try to sell off your used event equipment:

This classified site has been popular for years before a new platform sprout up (more on that later). The ads are categorized well so potential buyers may easily spot your ads. Buyers can also send you a message or call you directly from the ads you posted.


  • Buyers can easily find what they are looking for using the search bar or by browsing the categories

  • Very easy to navigate

  • Buyer's go-to site when looking for used items


  • You need to create an account before posting your ads

  • Depends on the category, your ads may be pushed down faster

  • Limited to 10 pictures per item

  • Harder to sell bulk items

  • Hard to bump ads. You either need to remove your previous ad and repost or bump it up for $2.95.

This platform took over by storm. Since most people already have a Facebook account, it is more visited than the latter classified website. Like Kijiji, items are also categorized that may make it easier for potential buyers to see your product.


  • Visited by a lot more people

  • Buyers can filter category, location, and price

  • Unlike Kijiji, your ads are shown in 1:1 ratio photos that include the ad title and the price which make it more interesting as long as you upload a good photo.

  • You can easily chat with your buyers via Messenger.

  • You can also share your items by posting it on your wall

  • People interested in similar items get notified when you post your ads.


  • There are a lot of ads on this platform. It can possibly be buried after a few minutes.

  • Though the interface looks better, it is also overwhelming to look at.

  • There is no clear way to bump up your ads for more people to see. You just have to trust Facebook's algorithms.

  • Hard to sell bulk items

3. Facebook Groups

This is personally my go-to place to sell. Because each group has rules, you don't have to deal with spam messages from people. They are also exclusive to certain parts of your city or town or are limited to a certain category.

For example, I joined EDMONTON AND AREA WEDDING BRIDAL BUY AND SELL group. They have a clear rule that MLM ads are not permitted. They are also clear that only Wedding & Bridal items are allowed. Businesses can only post 1 ad per week (or at least 1 bump per week).

You can easily search a group using the Facebook search bar. For example, I am looking to sell Wedding Items within Edmonton, I just have to type "Edmonton Wedding" in the search bar and bada bing, bada boom. 5 Groups are already available for you to join. Of course, admins need to confirm your request to join but I tried to join all of them and they all have been nice enough to let me in.


  • You can target a specific group of people you want to sell to.

  • Easy to find a group you are looking for.

  • Easy to sell bulk items by uploading photos with prices on each of the images.

  • Buyers can easily spot the items they are interested in.

  • You can easily know when your post needs a bump

  • Suggested groups


  • Notifications - unless you turn them off.

  • A lot of non-sense response you have to deal with such as "Interested", "Next", and "PM me"

Whatever platform you use, you don't have to deal with your leftover equipment that you are never going to use again. Just choose a platform and sell them off. You will have a great event and you will also get most of your money back.


Special Thank to:

Jeanette Jackson, Tannis Lasutia, & Lindsey Mandel

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